Virtual Race Audio Commentary Upgrade

Generated commentary combined with internally created visuals


  • Enhanced race commentary system to reject phrase choices with number position changes, preventing incorrect reads without failing otherwise valid results.
  • Compensated for increased phrase rejections¬†by adding automatic retry of failed race sections with alternative phrases and rolling back to the¬†previous good section.
  • Added automatic retry of races that failed all section retries, using alternative phrase combinations.
  • Ensured whole system remained deterministic despite the apparent random generation of the audio content.


  • Analysis, design, development, unit testing.
  • Lead developer of whole solution.


Technologies: Java, Eclipse, macOS, ffmpeg


  • After script and source audio proving runs, the QA rejection of race commentary issues was reduced to zero. This was for production runs of over two thousand race events with over thirty hours of video content.
  • Despite the increased section and race retries there was only marginal increase to production processing.

Generated commentary combined with internally created visuals