Virtual Football Highlight Streaming


  • Created match highlight sequences based on a match results message and a pool of hundreds of thousands of pre-rendered video clip variations.
  • Combined video clips with dynamically composited match status overlays (score, replay) and transitions into a single video stream in real-time.
  • Balanced processing load between the start-up phase and deferring into the live streaming in order to enable quick playback start without overloading the streaming server.


  • Analysis, design, development, unit testing.
  • Lead developer of media streaming component.


Technologies: Java, Eclipse, Windows, Linux, ffmpeg


  • Zero issues raised by internal QA, system integration, customer acceptance and live customer running.
  • Solution used as the foundation of additional team sport streaming solutions; tennis and basketball.
  • Although designed for server installation the solution has also been successfully deployed in retail environments on Small Form Factor PCs.