Virtual Horses – Flats Racing Simulation


  • Extended the real-time race engine developed for greyhounds in Unreal Engine with horse racing specific additions.
  • Added artist configurable time and weather scenarios within a single race track map.
  • Created chase style camera for simulating dynamic vehicle and aerial footage, inheriting existing tracking imperfection simulations.
  • Implemented configurable animation request system to add the appearance of random yet controlled runner actions, such as; jockey movements, whips, horse head shakes.
  • Added variable runner support, with production runs from 6 runners (120 events) through 14 runners (2184 events). Capable of handling up to 24 runners with existing art assets, but limited by available hardware and audio assets.


  • Analysis, design, development, testing.
  • Lead developer of whole solution.


Technologies: C++, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, Windows


  • Reduced animation complexity, timescales and potential QA issues with the action request system while maintaining artist control over the results.
  • Zero issues raised from all production runs, even for runner counts that require thousands of event combinations and tens of hours of real-time video capture.
  • Continued to maintain the core “race engine” as an extensible system, keeping horse racing specific implementations to a minimum, allowing for future reuse.