Virtual Race Audio Commentary Generation

Generated commentary combined with externally created visuals


  • Replaced the previous outsourced commentary solution that had poor quality and required extensive QA.
  • Built the replacement from scratch in short timescales, resulting in commentary of reliably higher quality, increased flexibility, diagnostic reports and far less QA effort required.
  • Algorithmically generated race commentary audio by combining race metadata of runner positions with pre-recorded audio clips of runner numbers, positions and phrases.
  • Rejection of phrase choices with number position changes, preventing incorrect reads without failing previously valid results.
  • Automatic retry of races that failed all section retries, using alternative phrase combinations.
  • Ensured whole system remained deterministic despite the apparent random generation of the audio content.


  • Analysis, design, development, unit testing.
  • Lead developer of whole solution.


Technologies: Java, Eclipse, macOS, ffmpeg


  • Provided increased usage of the recorded script phrases than the previous outsourced solution, improving the variation of commentary generated.
  • Reduced production turnaround of phrase and script changes from two weeks to several minutes.
  • After script and source audio proving runs, the QA rejection of race commentary issues was reduced from 30% to zero. This was for production runs of over two thousand race events with over thirty hours of video content.
  • Single solution worked for multiple race types.

Generated commentary combined with externally created visuals