Virtual Horses – Hurdles Racing Simulation


  • Extended the real-time horse racing in Unreal Engine with hurdles racing specific additions.
  • Added artist positionable hurdles that the horses automatically jump with realistic variation.
  • Added configurable walking start.
  • Enhanced the development only drone camera for easier animator debugging.
  • Assisted animator with fixing and optimising the horse animation blueprint.


  • Analysis, design, development, testing.
  • Lead developer of whole solution.


Technologies: C++, Unreal Engine, Visual Studio, Windows


  • Maintined zero issues raised from all production runs, even for runner counts that require thousands of event combinations and tens of hours of real-time video capture.
  • Continued to maintain the core “race engine” as an extensible system, keeping hurdles racing specific implementations to a minimum, allowing for future reuse.
  • Entire system is completely deterministic yet apparently random.  Rerun a given race with the same seed and it will play out identically every time.  Supply a new seed and it will play out differently.